Jetting Package, Pre-Filter PLUS FilterSkins

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Product Overview

This is the Jetting AND Pre-Filter AND Filter Skins solution for the 950 Adventure, Super Enduro, Super Moto. Includes 2 specific length hoses to vent the carburetor bowls that replaces the Y. The prefilter is factory oiled and ready for use. What are "FilterSkins"? They are a package of 3 nylon "skins" that go over the Pre-Filter. They allow you to field "clean" a Pre-Filter by removing it and replacing with another.

Independent review and dyno run of a customer: So, the purple graph is my 950 this morning, before the installation of the prefilter and jet kit. The carbs at this point are stock with the exception of the needles being in the third position. Bike is de-smogged and has FMF slip ons. The torque dip at 3000 RPM was no surprise and matched seat of the pants experience. The green graph is 4 hours later today, after completing the prefilter, jet kit, and carb cleaning. Apart from the included jets, no other modifications were made. Needles were retained in the third position. Maximum HP was reduced by 1 HP and max torque increased by 0.2 lb/ft. The increase and smoothing of the torque curve at 3000 RPM is very noticable while riding.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review