Factory KTM Rally Pegs

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Product Overview

Factory KTM Rally Pegs!

Recently made available in the US, these pegs used to be only available in Europe and they were about twice as much.

The pegs are slightly wider, longer and serrations are more aggressive than the OEM pegs that are fit to almost all of the KTM motorcycles. Known to fit the 690, 950 and 990. Will most likely fit the 400-530s as well. These pegs make a significant difference when installed on the 950/990 when the going gets technical, leverage is greater so pressure at the peg has greater effect on the bike. They also give the rider more room to move around on the bike. Additionally, the increased area of the peg spreads the forces out on the boot sole to make them a "stand all day" kind of deal.

Pegs are VERY high quality forged stainless and will fit onto the bike in minutes!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review