ADVmachines Mid Heat Shield


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Tired of roasting your right leg or burning your riding gear on the exhaust that passes next to your right boot on your Super Enduro or Adventure? I know that I was until I came up with this ADVmachines™ solution. Made from Laser cut .090 aluminum, this ADVmachines™ mid shield mounts in the Vee of the frame just above the right side foot peg. This part stands out as a result of attention to details like plastic edge trim, mounting holes that securely hold the part in place that line up with the SE frame/boot guard. This shield is easy to mount with the provided plastic zip ties. Fits all 950 and 990 models. Upgrade from the standard zip ties to Stainless Steel ties for a additional $4 Check out the ADVmachines™ Rear Heat Shield to complete the whole exhaust shielding solution for your Super Enduro. Made in the USA by ADVmachines™ riders for riders.

ADVmachines™ Mid Shield


(No reviews yet) Write a Review