ADVmachines 950/990 ADV Rally Fan

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Product Overview

ADVmachines™ 950/990 ADVENTURE Rally Fan

Through exhaustive development and real world testing ADVmachines created the 950/990 ADVENTURE Rally Fan that improves cooling efficiency by 30-50% while the fans are running and presents little restriction to airflow while not energized. The ADVENTURE Rally Fan assembly is securely mounted in 3 locations onto the radiator, 1 upper sharing the radiator bolt to frame and 2 where the expansion tank attaches to the radiator side tank.

Access to critical components is still possible with little dis-assembly should the front spark plug need to be removed/replaced while on the trail, or after a failed water crossing.

The 950/990 ADVENTURE Rally Fan adds a high quality 4" fan to the right side of the radiator of a 990 or 950 Adventure (ONLY fits ADVENTURE). The 950/990 ADV Rally Fan is precision CAD designed and CNC laser cut from 304 T6 .030 stainless steel (uncoated) to ensure endurance in all conditions.

Kit includes 1: Detailed installation instructions, 1: 4" fan, 4: fasteners to mount fan, 1: splitting harness with OEM style connectors, 1: Confidence that your 950/990 will not overheat. Kit bolts and plugs right in, no modifications are necessary!

Select the Thermo Switch option to turn on the fans sooner to help control engine temperatures when the going gets slow and hot. Will assist with maintaining lower engine temperatures by about 10-15%

Adventure Machines is the manufacturer of this cooling solution for the KTM Adventure. Proudly designed and built by ADVmachines in the USA for Worldwide riders.


Designed by ADVmachines™ Riders for Worldwide Riders.



Designed by ADVmachines for Worldwide Riders ~~~ WWW.ADVMACHINES.COM


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ADVmachinestm 990/950 Adventure Rally Fan INSTALLATION PROCEDURES

1. The installer must following the instructions as a requirement of the Terms of Use and Liability Waiver.

2. Remove upper right fairing, set aside fasteners.

3. Remove radiator expansion/overflow tank: Remove two mount bolts and slide/rotate the tank out of the way while maintaining the hoses intact to the radiator and tank, set aside fasteners.

4. Remove the upper right radiator bolt and set aside fastener.

5. Pull back the rubber cover of the thermo switch, disconnect the plug. This is not a requirement.

6. Locate the right side upper engine vent hose that connects next to the oil filler cap; rotate the clamp so the tabs are facing aft at the tank nipple.

7. Installing the ADVmachines Rally Fan assembly on a 990 Adventure: Locate the EFI plug on the upper right frame rail near the oil fill and the vent hose. Route wire harness toward inner portion of frame, secure harness with rubber strap. The mounting tab for the EFI plug is flexible, depending on the orientation of the plug, a slight twist counter clockwise (viewed while sitting on M/C) of the plug such that the forward section of the plug is orientated slightly down and toward the center of the motorcycle may be necessary to ensure adequate clearance of the fan assembly.

8. Locate and Disconnect the OEM fan plug at the harness. This can be accomplished with a long flat blade screw driver to release the locking tab while carefully pulling on the harness. DO NOT FORCE THIS DISCONNECTION! Ensure that the locking tab is disengaged before pulling! Alternatively you can remove the left side OEM fan to access the plug.

a. Alternate: Remove Left Side upper fairing, tank and all radiator mount bolts to pull assembly away far enough to disconnect OEM connectors and insert the ADVmachines splitter harness.

9. To enable inserting the new splitter harness WITHOUT major disassembly, the process requires patience and some ad-hoc tools. Fashion a tool to hold the OEM fan harness plug (the one attached to the motorcycle that you just unplugged that is WAY back in there next to the OEM Fan and duct systems). Utilize a wire clothes hanger by cutting the hook off and straightening it out. Then bend a small U shape on one end such that you can place it behind the OEM fan plug to hold it in place while performing the next step.

10. Insert the single splitter harness plug into the fan plug: Loop the ad-hoc tool behind the fan plug and then guide the splitter into place, align the plugs, start the insertion. To finally seat the plugs together, maintain the holding tool in place with one hand while carefully pushing them together with a long flat blade screwdriver placed on the plug body of the splitter harness. Again, DO NOT apply significant FORCE! If aligned correctly these plugs will slide together easily. Ensure that the plugs are aligned and able to be completely mated together before placing more force on them with the driver. Patience is the key to success here folks.

11. Mount fan to bracket with provided screws. For the 950 the fan mounts with the plug harness toward center of motorcycle. For the 990, the fan mounts with the harness toward outside of motorcycle, reroute and tye-wrap to fan supports as necessary.

12. Once the splitter harness is installed the motorcycle harness can be plugged in to the associated mate plug on the splitter harness as can the new ADVmachines Rally Fan.

13. Install the ADVmachines Rally Fan and Bracket assembly: Begin installing by carefully routing the bracket assembly so that the upper mount tab passes between the radiator filler neck and right side fuel cell. Removing the radiator filler cap (Make sure the engine is DEAD COLD before removing cap!!) may provide extra clearance necessary to get the assembly into place. Be mindful of the bracket to radiator transfer tubes as to not cause any unintended damage.

14. Fan bracket assembly should now be loosely in place: Place the shim washer over the upper radiator mount bolt, add a small dab of adhesive between the two and reinstall bolt into upper radiator mount tab, leave loose for now.

15. Rotate expansion tank back into place and reinstall the two mounting bolts.

16. Torque all mount bolts to KTM specifications.

17. Reinstall thermo switch plug and cover.

18. Reinstall upper right fairing assemblies, torque fasteners to KTM specifications.


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